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Uncategorized   September 28, 2020 0 Avoid Doing These Things If You Are Serious About Spanking

Ever been spanked or have you paddled any sweet bottoms lately? If the answer to either question is yes, no one needs to tell you how pleasurable and orgasmic the experience can be! There’s nothing to spanking your partner. It takes no time to arrange and you don’t even need any fancy equipment to make […]

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Uncategorized   0 The Best Erotic Spanking Tools Out There

Erotic spanking can be arousing and enjoyable to and beyond the limit. It involves repeated, slight or forceful contact with the skin on almost any part of the body. Erotic spanking takes a variety of forms. It also happens more often than most suppose. Such spanking serves the purpose of punishment or pleasure and either […]

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Uncategorized   0 Best Erotic Spanking Positions To Try Out

Welcome to the erotic spanking life! Worth noting is the ready availability of a very diverse array of erotic spanking positions usable and available to all. Indeed, the only limiting factor is the imagination. If you wanted you could hang your lady by the feet from a yardarm and spank her with a whip that’s […]

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Uncategorized   0 How To Make Your Partner Spank You

Poor you! Look at you with secrets, desires and fantasies that your partner has no clue about. Now, do you intend growing a spine and letting your partner into your special world? Or are you going to keep carrying on like everything is OK? I guess you are choosing the first option, or you wouldn’t […]

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Uncategorized   0 Spank Up Your Life

Are you a booty lover and does your partner’s soft bottom beg for kisses, nibbles and spanks? Life is short, so go ahead and play a drumbeat on all the bottoms you can reach. Do that and you get to watch them jiggle and change color like the sweetest chameleon in the world!Yeah, there’s nothing […]

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