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Uncategorized   September 28, 2020 0 Why Men Love To Spank And Paint That Booty Red

There are two types of men: those that love to spank and those who are yet to try. It seems that the latter envies the former and for good reasons too! Needless to say, men that love to spank have all the fun in the world and then some. So, why exactly do some men […]

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Uncategorized   0 Potent Spanking Tips For Beginners

Potent Spanking Tips For Beginners Spanking is perhaps the commonest kink out there and just about anyone can do it. It is fun, free, and easy to get the hang of, triggers a natural high, and can either bring along or enhance an orgasm.Are you new to spanking? Well, there are quite a few things […]

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Uncategorized   0 The Different Types Of Spanking

There are different types of spanking out there. Folks with lots of time on their hands and a taste for erotic adventure could invent more soon! As of now, there’s erotic spanking, punishment spanking, therapeutic spanking, hardcore spanking, role play spanking, and maintenance spanking. The hands see the most use for spanking, as well as […]

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Uncategorized   0 The Merry Things That Happen During Spankings

We all got a short life ahead of us and there’s no reason not to make the most of it. So, drink water, pay your bills, and hug a tree. Plus spank the booty of the person you have tender affections for! Spanking is such an underrated part of living and loving. About the only […]

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Uncategorized   0 The Booty-Fabulous History Of Spanking!

We humans are complex, with differing wants, needs, and feelings. Thus, some see spanking as a form of punishment. Others though view it is an erotic and orgasm-promoting activity. Got spanked when you were a kid? If so, I doubt it made you feel like you won the lottery! But here you are spanking your […]

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